SMS Reseller Panel

Branded & Bulk Sms Reseller Program

✫ White Label SMS Reseller Panel With Your Own Domain Name

We Will Make SMS Website For you. With Top Class Reseller Panel. With Your Website You Can Sale Banded SMS, Semi Branded SMS To Your Own Customers. We are Provoding Multi Level Reseller Panel which is perferct for those which want to start their own masked/branded sms & Semi Branded SMS business. We will provide you total support including coding level support . We have many reputed clients and valueable Resellers . So We can suggest better than others. For Reseller we are offering 2 solution . first one and Recomended solution is whitelabel Reseller panel . We are Providing Reseller panel in just 5000/- PKR. Secondly you can sale SMS at Your Reseller Rate On MARKETSMS.PK

✫ We Are Offering Branded & Bulk SMS Reseller Panel With Your Own Domain You Can Sale Banded SMS To Your Own Customers.

✫ What Is Reseller SMS Panel?

Reseller SMS Account Allows A User To Create Multiple Accounts and Add Credits to them

✫ Is There Any Limit Of Clients Under My Account?
No There Is No Any Time Limit Of Clients Under Your Account.

✫ Reseller Branding?
If Reseller Will buy 50,000 Package Then Masking Is Free. Below 50,000SMS Package Each New Masking Will Be Charged As 1000PKR.

✫ Masking Policy?
You Can Get Unlimited Masking. Each Masking Will Cost You 1000 Pkr/Masking

✫ Can I Also Create More Resellers Under My Own Account?

✫ Can Reseller Send SMS From Any Name?
Nither Reseller Nor User Of Reseller Can Use Any Name As Its Not Allowed By PTA. Reseller Have To Get Approved Masking Before Use.

✫ How Do I Benefit?
You Need To Pay A Wholesale Price For The Sms Credits . Than You Can Sale Your Credit According To Your Own Prices . Your Own Reseller Means Your Own Rates , Expiry And Your Own Management. The Benefit Is Not Just Limited Here.

✫ How Do I Make This Reseller Option A Great Business Opportunity?
Use Your Contacts To Create A Network Of Clients And Resellers Who Will Bring You Repeated Orders For Sms Which Will Boost Your Business And Provide Leverage To Expand Your Network Base.

✫ Why The Tie Up With MARKETSMS.PK?
We Are Not Resellers, We Are Directly Linked To The Operators. Longer The Chain Of Resellers Cumbersome It Gets As Far As Support Is Concerned.